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Infrastructure Services

We have built on the core of supporting our customer’s enterprise infrastructure and application infrastructure, to providing support for a range of environments from legacy IT systems to virtualized solutions. Our experience across various industry verticals such as Telecom, Retail, Banking, Financial services, Healthcare, and Government has enabled a broad view of technologies, architectures, platforms and vendors. The in-depth knowledge combined with our understanding of our customer’s pain points allows us to provide an array of solutions.

We understand through our experience what our customers actually do—their operations, their missions, and their businesses—and how to implement technologies to meet the enterprise goals. We monitor the latest trends and leverage the latest tools that ensure infrastructure remains nimble, scalable and efficient.

Our consultant helps customers to provide reliable, stable and secure operating environments that are aligned with enterprise infrastructure and measured against defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We ensure our customers are maximizing the use of their existing infrastructure while staying focused on scalability.

Some of the benefits of our Infrastructure services are:
•Elimination of functional silos, which are typical in legacy IT operations, to ensure that your IT organization is working as a unified team for a common enterprise goal
•Enterprise systems management that delivers the highest level of performance and reliability
•A balanced business driven IT approach that successfully coordinates daily operations activities with application enhancements, new technology additions and related modernization efforts regardless of any development methodology


•Network Management
•Server Virtualization and Consolidation
•Server Management
•Database Management
•Data Center Support
•Enterprise IT Management Systems and Tools
•Unified Communications and Capabilities
•Asset Management
•Desktop Management
•Management of Cloud Services
•Collaboration Toolsets and Remote Access Technologies
•Mobile Device Management Systems
•Building Monitoring and Control Systems

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